Past Forums

Previous Forum topics:


Feb: “Keep It Real: A Young Activist, Body Image, and the Media” with MCI Student, Julia Bluhm

Mar: “The Civil War’s Effects on Maine and Mainers” with Dr. Thomas Desjardin

April: Maine Allcare: Single-Payer Healthcare for Maine? with Rep. Charlie Priest and attorney Alice Knapp

May 14: Tick Talk with Dr. Beatrice Szantyr and Constance Dickey

May 21: Under Our Skin: the Acclaimed Documentary About the Untold Story of Lyme Disease

Sept: Biking for Women in Recovery, with Lisa Scofield

Nov: From Pittsfield, Maine, USA, to Darfur, Sudan, Africa: a Family Doctor’s Story with Dr. David Austin.


Feb: “One Community, Many Cultures” with Guangshuo Yang and MCI international students
Mar: “Enduring Regret”: Eric Krug and Chris Sandy
Mar: “DIY Funeral” with Chuck Lakin
May: “Rural Economic Development through Renewables” with Vaughan Woodruff

May: “Maine at Work” with David Greenham

David Greenham-3

Sept: An Artist in Our Midst: Meeting Joe Query

OctBJ McCollister, Program Director, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

NovCulture Before Curriculum – Chris Hopkins, MCI Head of School


Feb: Bossov Ballet Theater Director Natalya Getman
Mar: Pittsfield Food Policy Panel
April: Maine Business Partners Jill and Jolene McGowan
May: Hardy Girls Healthy Women with Dana Hernandez
Sept: The Beehive Design Collective
Oct: Biologist Susan Haseltine
Nov: Pharmacist Frank McGrady, R.Ph.


Feb: Maine Poet Laureate Wesley McNair
April: Bestselling author and Warden’s chaplain Rev. Kate Braestrup
May: Corporate Consolidation of Seeds with Fedco’s Nikos Kavanya
Sept: Polarization of American Politics with Mark Brewer
Oct: Healthcare Reform with Dr. Erik Steele
Nov: Contemporary Journalism with journalist Sharon Mack


April: Local Sustainable Agriculture with Tom Roberts and Ryan Parker
May: Private Prisons with Civil Rights Atty. Eric Mehnert
Sept: Environmental Policy in Maine with NRCM Dir. Lisa Pohlmann
Oct: Four Directions Tribal Advocacy with Eric Buch
Nov: Artist Robert Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell the Truth


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