“Keep It Real: a Young Activist, Body Image, and the Media”

The Mid-Maine Community Forum presented MCI student activist and ballerina Julia Bluhm as its featured speaker on February 12th at 6:30pm at the First Universalist Church in Pittsfield.In 2012 Julia wrote a petition resulting in a pledge from Seventeen magazine promising not to photoshop their models’ bodies and face shapes. The petition gathered more than 86,000 signatures.

She will also share her experiences with activism at the SPARK Movement, an online feminist-activist organization supported by girls from all over the world. She will speak about the influence of an unrealistic representation of women in the media, issues of body image within the ballet world, and the importance of community activism.

Julia Bluhm is a sixteen year-old ballet dancer, blogger, and activist. She attends Maine Central Institute, dances with Bossov Ballet Theatre, and is a blogger for SPARK Movement. She has also been a member of the Girls’ Advisory Board for Hardy Girls Healthy Women in Waterville for 3 years. Julia has given a TEDx talk in Washington DC, spoken at the National Eating Disorder Association conference. She was the first student to present a Patterson Lecture Series speech at MCI.


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