Money in Politics: Democracy’s Crisis in Confidence

A presentation exploring the role of money in politics in Maine’s elections will be held at the Mid-Maine Community Forum on October 9th at 6:30 PM. Money in Politics: Democracy’s Crisis in Confidence illustrates the threat of money in politics to our democracy. Presented by Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, a non-partisan organization, the presentation also suggests remedies to the problem of Money in Politics, including upcoming state and federal legislation.

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections have found that the flow of large, special interest money in campaigns is distorting the election process and diminishing the role of voters. The problem of money in politics is nothing new, and recent Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United v. FEC have made it even easier for large, undisclosed contributions to flow into our campaigns. Unfortunately, large amounts of money from a small handful of wealthy sources have the effect of drowning out the voices of everyday voters in our political process. Maine people’s ability to fully participate in their own governance has become imperative as corporate America spends unprecedented sums in elections. Now is the time to foster public dialogue about where political money comes from, where it goes, and what it buys. Money in Politics: Democracy’s Crisis in Confidence is a forum to do just that.

Please join us on the 9th for a lively discussion. And let’s work together towards a Maine where the voice of the mill worker is heard as clearly as the voice of the CEO of the company that owns the mill.



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